Build what community members want, and they will come

In the news: Daily Journal of Commerce Oregon


Have you ever thought about what goes in to a successful community gathering space? Many considerations go in to these venues such as flexibility, accessibility and inclusion. Dan Mehls, Vice President and General Manager of the Portland Office, explains the impact of gathering spaces that bring communities together, and what ultimately leads to a successful venue, in this op-ed for DJC Oregon.


Article excerpt:

“Go on, admit it. One of the first things you do after finding your seat at a concert or ball game is look around and wonder how quickly you might be able to grab food and a drink. That’s if you’re not already wondering where the restrooms are. Once settled, you’ll quickly notice how comfortable you are and how well you can see the event you’ve paid good money to attend.

Then, there are the finer touches the average patron may not consider. Those are things like the flow of foot traffic, the ease of travel throughout the facility, properly placed lighting, and acoustics that are just right no matter where you’re sitting. In a well-designed facility, these details will have received plenty of attention in the design phase to ensure that everyone at the final venue has the best experience possible.

A well-designed community gathering space is more than the sum of its parts or the maximum seating capacity. It is inviting, comfortable, and easy for all patrons to navigate. Everything that goes into creating a lively and joyful space for people to congregate is now at play in a few exciting Mortenson projects.”


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