Episode 20 – Continuous Improvement


Continuous Improvement and Lean principles are paramount in manufacturing – especially the aerospace market – for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s to increase or maintain their high delivery rates to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), optimize labor and productivity, or embark on a new greenfield project, suppliers have a critical need to assess flow on the manufacturing floor and optimize their lines.

Hear from Mike McCoy, former president of Korry Electronics, as he describes how Korry improved their margins through a successful Continuous Improvement journey, which included the following:

  • Looking for and selecting the right facility location
  • Retaining and engaging talent
  • Designing flexibility into the new facility
  • Planning equipment layout and mixed-model flow lines
  • Moving equipment
  • Engaging suppliers
  • Ensuring commitment from company leadership
  • Factoring in total cost of ownership

"My advice to any senior management teams in aerospace that are looking to go out and create a new manufacturing environment is to not only think of the building as the building. It should be something you are thinking about as an asset to generate a return on your investment. I know that we improved our margins as the result of having a flexible building." – Mike McCoy, Korry Electronics

"Aerospace suppliers are looking at their manufacturing lines and asking themselves, 'How do I reduce inventory? How do I improve flow? How do I drive efficiency in our lines?' This is something we can do through Continuous Improvement – looking at their facility as an asset that can positively affect their bottom line and help them deliver to their customers." – Cori Palmer, Mortenson


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