Local Refugee Community Benefits from ASU/Mortenson Partnership

Back in 2015, Mortenson met with the Global Institute of Sustainability (GIOS) and made a donation of $2,500 towards the development of a project called Camelbackyard.  The School’s similarly aligned values offered an exciting opportunity for Mortenson to participate with ASU in the development of this philanthropic project.

Today, the project’s goal is to create a community garden that serves local refugees. This community garden project is unique because it will serve as a teaching opportunity for local refugees to learn best practices on running a business, while also using their agricultural skills. Camelbackyard will ultimately generate the art of community and enhance community participation & educational outgrowth.

One of the main elements of the project involves sustainability and solar efficiency on the site. Our local Virtual Design and Construction team recently helped the students conduct a sun study for the planned solar array at the community garden/training center. Our laser scan and shade study helped the students identify the best location for the training center building that would minimally impact the garden.

Without the support of our generous donations and sponsorship, the project would not have developed into the success it is today! To read more about the project and how it’s progressing, please visit: