Data Center Design & Engineering: CAPRE Panelists Debate Investment in Energy Efficiency or Reliability/Control
By Josh Anderson

Mortenson's Mission Critical General Manager, Andy Stapleton, recently participated in a panel discussion focused on the vision for data center strategy over the next 1-2 years at CAPRE's Sixth Annual Greater Chicago & Midwest Data Center Summit. 

Excerpt from CAPRATE Media article:
As data center developers, managers, owners and manufacturers prepare for the next wave of data center standards, the industry is wondering, where will the money go? One clear chasm is the trade-off between energy efficiency on the one hand, and reliability and control on the other.

...On the construction side, cost is still king, says Andy Stapleton, General Manager for Mortenson. “Whether it’s first-day costs or also TCO, tied to the energy-efficiency aspect, it’s been interesting from a reliability and colocation standpoint. We’ve seen the comfort level being stretched a little bit, expanding. That comfort level seems to grow.” Stapleton says that people are rethinking and redefining reliability as the industry changes.
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