Committed at the Top Workshop

Mortenson Construction is committed to constructing the Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center, the new home of the Milwaukee Bucks, under the safest working conditions possible. On October 26, Mortenson hosted a two-hour Safety – Committed at the Top Workshop that brought together leadership from unions, contractors, and Mortenson working on the Arena project.

It is our goal and expectation that no one will suffer an injury in the execution of the work on this project.  This commitment is the task of the Mortenson Zero Injury Program and to accomplish it, it takes a commitment from the top of all the parties involved. The workshop included useful industry information and specific examples illustrating the benefits of aggressively managed safety programs. It is Mortenson’s goal to manage projects safely and efficiently so the entire contracting team can attain the highest quality. To be successful, this requires each contractor to take responsibility for proactive safety management within their operations. The topics discussed included: 

  • The benefits gained by aggressively managing safety programs
  • The challenges we face building a safety culture
  • Safety by “Compliance” vs. Safety by “Choice”
  • The human and economic impacts of injuries
  • Defining “Zero Injury”
  • Defining demonstrated management commitment as the most critical best practice to eliminate worker injury
  • A look at the effects of accepting personal responsibility for your workers’ safety