Edwards Sanborn Celebrates One Million Consecutive Safe Hours Worked
View of the Edwards and Sanborn Project

Embracing Mortenson's I Own Zero Injuries philosophy, the Edwards Sanborn project team celebrated 1 million hours with no injuries on the world's largest solar + storage project, in 2022.

This noteworthy accomplishment is attributed to the commitment of the project team, Terra-Gen, LLC and all of their partners. 

Edwards and Sanborn Celebrates Safety

With a detailed strategic approach, the team combined Mortenson's I Own Zero Injuries philosophy with a focus on planning, accountability, engagement, and proactive communication to achieve this significant milestone. With this, the momentum continues day in and day out, with a dedication to the team’s safety, so everyone goes home safely each day.

With the scale and duration of Edwards Sanborn, Mortenson’s I Own Zero Injuries culture has enabled everyone the opportunity to engage in the safety of others and should be a benchmark of how mega-projects can be safely and successfully constructed.

As a way to ensure all voices are heard and all challenges and opportunities are addressed, the project team piloted the OneVoice Program, holding weekly craft team member meetings to discuss the overall project. These meetings also serve as listening sessions to determine improvements to implement in real-time. As a result of weekly engagement with craft, timely follow-through, implementing suggested strategies, and closing out every concern, OneVoice has been highly successful and repeated on other projects.

The entire team is incredibly proud of the results and the safety culture that has been built on this project, a testament to the Mortenson culture and I Own Zero Injuries philosophy. Consistently improving the construction operations and listening to each other, regardless of position, are at the core of the safety culture on the Edwards & Sanborn project.

Fast Facts: Edwards & Sanborn Project

  • World's largest solar plus energy storage project.
  • Mortenson’s all-in approach is underlined by the numerous teams we have involved: Civil, Energy Storage, Solar, and Engineering Services.
  • Located on 21 square miles in Mojave, California, with a portion of the project on Edwards Air Force Base.
  • Roughly 900 team members arrive on the project every morning for bend and stretch, making it the largest Mortenson self-preform workforce in company history!
  • Almost two million panels are being installed on the project, as well as 93,480 battery modules varying in weight up to 200-plus pounds per module.