Mortenson brings the energy storage market mainstream
Insights and trends from 10,000MWh+ of energy storage experience
Energy Storage Project Aerial Image

With 4,000 MWh completed and more than 6,000 MWh currently in design or under construction, Mortenson is leading the industry, successfully delivering some of the largest battery energy storage projects in the U.S.

A combination of standalone and solar+storage projects, the next generation of energy storage is bringing critical resiliency to the electric grid and improving the effectiveness of renewable energy generation.

The last several quarters had key trends shape the industry’s direction for the coming years. As a result of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)’s incentives for standalone energy storage, owners are accelerating their plans and trying to get their projects built as fast as possible. Projects are getting larger and can’t come online soon enough.

This industry tailwind is colliding with increasing lead times for long-lead procurement items, which are extending project schedules and adding uncertainty to the process. While navigating a tricky supply chain landscape, owners must be constantly aware of the new technology entering the market, as both established and new players are releasing new products.

What the IRA really means for storage

With provisions for standalone storage, the market projections show fast growth ahead. The opportunity forecasted means more owners, suppliers, engineers, and builders will be entering the market rapidly and competing against each other for access to a constrained supply chain. Increased demand for long-lead items will only drive costs and slow schedules. Finalizing use cases and locking down decisions early helps, but agility is key to navigating this tough landscape. It will be critical for owners to choose partners that can accelerate their opportunities to beat out the crowd.

Rapid Technological changes

The energy storage industry is changing incredibly quickly as established suppliers release new offerings and new entrants try to unseat them. Selecting a technology has immense ramifications for the entire process of permitting, building, and commissioning projects. Effective and nimble adoption of the technology variants has become the norm for successful project implementation.

Customers are choosing Mortenson for our experience and unmatched ability to deliver their critical projects successfully. Mortenson’s combination of experience with all major battery suppliers and a wide range of capabilities – from use case optimization and EMS responsibility to project integration and commissioning – ensures customers are getting the most qualified team to trust with the responsibility of moving their business forward.

In the last year, Mortenson successfully completed more than 1GWh of energy storage, including the 560 MWh Valley Center project for Terra-Gen, the 260MWh DeCordova Energy Storage project for Sungrow and Vistra, and the 200MWh Crossett Energy Storage project for Jupiter Power. Additionally, Mortenson has reached major milestones on Terra-Gen’s Edwards and Sanborn Solar + Energy Storage project.


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