Expanding Battery Storage and Bringing Resiliency to Texas
Decordova Bess

Vistra and Mortenson successfully completed the DeCordova Energy Storage Facility, bringing 260 MW/260 MWh battery energy storage to Texas. The facility is now operational, storing and distributing electricity to the grid across the region.

The project, located in Granbury, Texas, is the largest of its kind in the state to date, and is part of a $1 billion investment Vistra has committed to within the Texas ERCOT market. Not only is the battery storage contributing to providing green energy to the region, but it is also the second of seven new renewable energy projects Vistra is completing in Texas, as part of their Vistra Zero portfolio.

“As our fleet and electric grids across the country transition to cleaner generation, we haven’t lost sight of our essential role in providing reliable, affordable electricity. The battery storage technology at DeCordova accomplishes those objectives – providing instantaneous-start, dispatchable generation to help balance the intermittency of renewable energy as the electric grid transitions to low-to-zero-carbon resources,” said Curt Morgan, CEO of Vistra.

The Facts:

  • 22,000+ individual lithium-ion battery modules –enough electricity to power ~130,000 homes
  • 260MW/260MWh of battery storage using LFP technology
  • Included design, procurement, and installation of the project-wide fire suppression and alarms
  • Full integration of the EMS system
  • Interconnecting the battery storage system to the power grid is a 260MW - 138/34.5kV substation.
  • Texas-based Vistra is one of the largest power generators in the United States
  • Mortenson provided the engineering and construction

“We could not be more proud to support Vistra in their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and expand their capacity throughout another region in Texas,” said Carl Moeller, Director of Preconstruction. “This project embodies our efforts in delivering resiliency to the grid, while enabling efficient and reliable renewable energy.”

View of the DeCordova project

A Journey Toward a Green Future

Mortenson and Vistra alike are committed to bringing renewable energy to the communities where they work and support. While both companies are focused on contributing to providing green energy to the grid, they are also both measuring their own operational efforts to ensure they are driving towards a green, sustainable future.