The Future of Sustainable Construction
How the state’s first Mass Timber office building is taking sustainability seriously
future of sustainable construction

With the construction industry contributing 40% of annual global carbon emissions, it’s imperative our industry evaluates how to reduce its carbon footprint while making sustainability an integral part of every project.

This can only be completed when the project team is aligned on these objectives early. When the design team, builder, and owner can integrate early and align goals, items like sustainability become essential to the design, rather than a secondary feature. The Beam on Farmer team followed this exact approach.

From inception, all partners made a commitment to limit environmental impact by constructing with Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). Besides offering a modern yet inviting aesthetic, when resourced and built properly, CLT construction can significantly decrease the building’s carbon footprint.

The wood, once installed at The Beam on Farmer, will sequester almost 2,600 metric tons of CO2. This building is not only paving the way for setting new standards for the sustainability in the built environment in our own community, but it offers an innovative approach to the actual construction process.

Being the state’s first Mass Timber office building doesn’t come without its challenges. Read the full article to learn about how the project team solved critical challenges and brought this unique and sustainable project to life.

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