A Better Way to Deliver Facilities: NPR Talks Prefab with our Team

The Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Phoenix, developed by Mortenson and currently in construction, was recently featured in an NPR news segment: Contractors Turn to ‘Prefab’ Construction Amid Skilled Labor Shortage.

In this segment, Mortenson team member Chase Gibbs explained that customers want their facilities delivered at a faster rate for a lower cost. Gibbs described the necessity to “find better ways” to deliver this value.

One such way is through prefabrication. On the Hampton Inn & Suites project, traditional rough-in and enclosure would have taken an estimated 6.5 weeks per floor. However, the use of prefab panels has allowed the project to be ready for installment in a fraction of that time, saving Hampton approximately 1.5 weeks per floor with no compromise to quality.  

Click here to listen to the NPR segment.