Mortenson Challenges Trade Partners to a 'Food Fight'

The Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) Clinic and Specialty Center project team held a Food Fight, to collect non-perishable food and personal hygiene items for HCMC’s Food Shelf and Nutrition Program.
The Food Fight challenge was extended by Mortenson to trade partners on the Clinic and Specialty Center project, including Harris Companies, Parsons Electric, and Exterior Building Solutions, Inc. The clear winner was Harris Companies, who showed up last week with a truck load of donations for the HCMC Food Shelf.
“What a pleasant surprise to hear about this type of fight” said Ann Eilbracht-Thompson, HCMC’s Senior Director of Support Services. “The patients and their families will benefit greatly from your generosity.” More than one-third of HCMC patients are food insecure. The HCMC Food Shelf serves over 7,600 people per month with over 50% being children. Nutrition education and access to support is also provided.
When project manager Bryan Gingerich threatened to extend the Food Fight deadline so Mortenson could have a chance to win, Craig Mickelson of Harris responded “Extend away my friend, we have added NASA's slogan to our job site office: Failure is not an option.”