How to Manage Equipment Risk in Renewable Energy Projects
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What if there was a way to systematically approach the risks of developing and operating renewable energy projects? Would you want to learn and use tools to help your company anticipate and deal with those problems?

These tools and systems exist! Risk management is more than just a catch phrase tossed around in meetings. It is a discipline with specific techniques for evaluating and managing complex challenges. Risk management is about analyzing what credible risks could have an impact on meeting your objectives and then taking steps to reduce, transfer or control those risks.

You can learn about how to apply risk management tools to your renewable projects at the #WRISE Leadership Forum in Austin on February 19 at 2:45 PM. Laura FrederickWendy Davidson (Mortenson's Business Development Director, Wind Energy) and Tanya Willacy of Engie will present on "How to Manage Equipment Risk in Renewable Energy Projects." We will review equipment risk management techniques and specific scenarios we face at each stage of a renewable energy project.