Hyatt Regency Hotel at the Oregon Convention Center Approved by Design Commission

The Hyatt Regency Hotel at the Oregon Convention Center has been approved by the Portland Design Commission and is ready to move forward. The final findings and decision by the design commission detailed the long procedural history of the project:

The Portland Oregon Conventional Center Hotel and Parking Garage [OCCH & G] is one of the most anticipated development proposals to come to the City of Portland in recent years. The scale and stature of its investment in the City of Portland has the highest expectations and requires the greatest caliber of design execution to ensure its long- lasting contribution to the City of Portland’s civic identity and urban form as a regional and international “front porch” to a 1,000’s of Oregon Convention Center visitors each year.

The required design review process for large scale development proposals exists to promote the conservation, enhancement, and continued vitality of areas of the City with special scenic, architectural, or cultural value. The OCCH & G Development Team pursued early Design Advice Requests [DAR] with the Portland Design Commission in September 2014 [primary focus on identity, public plaza and porte-cochere for hotel], March 2015 [primary focus on massing & design], and July 2015 [primary focus on street frontages and architecture].

The formal Land Use Review proposal was submitted June 2016, and since then, the OCCH & G Development Team has held several meetings with Staff and three Design Commission Hearings on August 18, 2016, September 29, 2016 and October 27, 2016 to develop the design. Over the course of this process, critical design issues have been successfully resolved, as well as Modifications to the Zoning Code being either reduced or eliminated altogether.

As now designed, the final Oregon Convention Center Hotel and Parking Garage proposal is poised to become the long-envisioned compliment to the Oregon Convention Center and a prominent icon for the City of Portland.

Congratulations to the project team and partners on achieving this milestone, including: ESG Architects, Mayer Reed Landscape Architecture, Hyatt, Mortenson Development, and Oregon Metro.

Construction is slated to begin in early 2017 and be complete by mid 2019.