Innovative new paths in construction careers
Never before has the AEC industry offered so many diverse career paths to so many
Will Adams and Prutha Chiddarwar discuss their construction careers in Seattle

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Will Adams, Project Solutions Technologist, and Prutha Chiddarwar, Field Engineer, both have important roles on our Seattle team that might not initially come to mind when you think of construction. While pursuing his master of architecture degree, Will began researching real world applications for virtual reality. This ultimately led him to perusing a career full of developing and applying emerging technology to impact design and construction. As a field engineer working with our preconstruction team, Prutha enjoys applying her background in architecture and construction management to understand the client’s vision and determine the cost impacts of designs.

Both Will and Prutha have found rewarding career paths in the construction industry and encourage others to explore these opportunities. 

Article excerpts: 

"What should those who are interested in a career in the construction industry consider before pursuing their path? Talking to various professionals in the industry to understand the many available paths is a smart move before furthering education or choosing a role. The Washington ACE Mentorship Program also helps high school students secure internships in the construction industry to help carve out their paths.

Chiddarwar agrees, 'Construction involves people with different expertise, and everyone can choose a path depending on their passion.'

When asked if working in the construction industry is a promising career path, Adams responded, 'I think it’s a great career path because it’s interesting and there is a need for talented individuals who are interested in bringing a fresh perspective to an ancient profession.'"

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