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Image description: Jordan Schenck (far right) at a school speaking event with project team members.


Jordan is one of our newest team members and completed two internships before officially joining Mortenson. In his daily work, Jordan partners with project managers to develop and update project schedules, and handles contracts, daily reports, and safety logs. Jordan also works with subcontractors to problem-solve and manages any issues that occur on-site.

We recently spoke with Jordan about his experience at Mortenson.

When applying at Mortenson, what did you find most exciting about the company/position?

Jordan: One of the things I found exciting was the chance to cover a wide range of areas within a project. It's really cool to better understand all the different aspects of a building. There's concrete, steel, and masonry that you can experience and have the chance to manage those scopes of work. It's also exciting to point out buildings you've helped build to family and friends, and know how that building is impacting the community.

In regard to employment, what makes Mortenson different compared to other contractors?

Jordan: The variety of projects and markets that Mortenson invests in is different compared to other general contractors. It's common to see a general contractor only work within one specific market such as apartment complexes, private entities, or franchises. But Mortenson explores beyond those markets. You can work on the Solar projects, Wind projects, or Data Centers – the choice is endless! There's always a new skill to develop without leaving Mortenson and that's something that sets them apart.

If you're up for exciting challenges and like to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, come to Mortenson!

Would you recommend working at Mortenson to your friends/family

Jordan: Yes, I would! Construction can be a tough industry and it's important to be patient with yourself, since you're learning as you go. But, if you have the drive to learn new things and push yourself out of your comfort zone, then come join us at Mortenson!

Do you feel that Mortenson leaders are invested in your happiness and/or career development?

Jordan: Absolutely! Project managers and other leaders within Mortenson are very busy, but they make the time to check in with you and make sure your needs and concerns are valued. There are always opportunities to learn something new on a project. I feel supported to try those things and trusted that my ideas add to a project's evolution.

How do the pay/benefits compare to similar roles you've had at other companies?

Jordan: The pay and benefits are amazing, and the sabbatical program is something I look forward to down the road! Even with the awesome pay and benefits, it's a reminder that you have to put in the effort and be willing to do the work that's expected of your role. If you want to work hard and play hard, Mortenson is the place for you!

Jordan Schenck

Jordan began his Mortenson career as an intern while completing his degree at the University of St. Thomas. During his internship, Jordan worked on projects including the Minneapolis Public Service Building and The Family Partnership Resource Center. He continues working with the Minneapolis team on projects across different markets.

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