Lokring Technology Saves Customer Time and Money

The project team at Froedtert recently partnered with J.M. Brennan in the use of Lokring Technology – saving more than five hours on scheduled medical gas shutdowns. While the technology itself is not new, West Clinics Vertical Expansion and Integrated Procedural Platform Phase I are the first projects where Lokring is being implemented on Froedtert’s campus.

The Lokring Technology is a mechanical means of joining pipes using a hydraulic tool that compresses a specialized fitting over the pipes.  This joint provides a leak-free fitting and requires no heat to install. Once the medical gas system is shut off and lines are free of gas, the installation takes just a matter of minutes. Since the pipes do not need welding, the team does not need to purge the piping with nitrogen or order a hot work permit.

Our team has found that this technology improves:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Productivity
  • Installed costs
  • Productivity and job scheduling
  • Pipe connections

While there is a substantial cost for the machine and fittings, the time saved helps avoid disruptions on campus and allows Froedtert to return to their operations as soon as possible.