Mortenson Celebrates Outstanding Team Contributions at 2022 Annual Awards
Denver Annual Meeting Team Member Awards

A company is only as good as its team, and we believe our team is the best in the business. We established the Mortenson Annual Awards to recognize exceptional contributions to our projects and to our work of shaping the world of things to come. These team members exemplify our values at Mortenson and have displayed outstanding commitment and a strong sense of teamwork throughout the year. These awards are given across a range of categories, in addition to Service Awards based on an employee’s tenure with the company. 

Service Awards

We'd like to recognize the following employees for their lasting dedication and tenure:

Celebrating 25 years with Mortenson:
• Mike Lewis and Jeff Lindsay

Celebrating 20 years with Mortenson:
• Dennis Hill, Juan Sanchez, Armando Vasquez and Arturo Enriquez 

 Celebrating 15 years with Mortenson:
• Fernando Yanez, Joel Alverado, Tom Harder, Loyd Short, Jason Greves and Brian Fitzpatrick 

 Celebrating 10 years with Mortenson:
• Daniel Gomez, Matthew Stafford, Jovon Brown and Jeff Parry

Individual Categories

Mortenson Values

• Our values define what we stand for and the leadership behaviors we want to encourage in each other. This award recognizes a colleague who truly lives our values of Trust, Teamwork, Responsibility, Safety, Service, and Stewardship. This team member goes above and beyond — for our clients, colleagues, partners, and communities.

• The 2022 Mortenson Values Award winner is Jeff Perry, Superintendent II.

Spirit of an Entrepreneur

• This award honors and rewards the entrepreneurial Mortenson team members who innovate, take risks and build new capabilities that contribute significantly to our business and our ability to compete in an increasingly competitive environment.

• The 2022 Spirit of an Entrepreneur Award winner is Tyler Farley, Project Manager II.

Outstanding Mentor & Coach

• Developing team members into leaders within the organization is key to our continued success. This award recognizes a team member for their role in promoting a positive and inclusive environment, and for contributing to professional and personal development of Mortenson team members.

• The 2022 Outstanding Mentor & Coach Award winner is Cameron Mehls, Project Manager I.
Grand Pinnacle Award

• Creating the Mortenson Experience is a responsibility shared by everyone at Mortenson – whether this is your thirtieth year on the job or your first day, whether your role puts you face-to-face with the customer or behind the scenes. Every team member contributes to Mortenson's success, and we all have a role in making sure the Mortenson Experience is a far superior experience. Mortenson's Pinnacle Award program recognizes team members who are working to create a far superior experience by including ingenuity in their daily activities, being an expert in the industry, and building exceptional relationships.

• The 2022 Grand Pinnacle Award winners are Kaia Noonan, Project Engineer II & Jeff Parry, Superintendent II.

Safety Award

• As part of our Five Outcomes, we recognize an individual that excels at Safety Excellence. Mortenson believes in safety first. There is nothing more important to us than protecting our workers, customers, partners, and the general public. Our relentless focus on Zero Injuries has led to industry-leading performance in safety over the past 66 years. When safety is achieved, quality, productivity, and overall project success follows. 

• The 2022 Safety Award winner is Chris Bradford, Superintendent II.

Team Member Experience

• As part of our Five Outcomes, we recognize an individual that excels at Team Member Experience. These individuals stand out by demonstrating servant leadership. They are dedicated to creating and maintaining an exceptional team member experience. 

• The 2022 Team Member Experience Award winner is Kyle Baker, Environmental Manager. 


• As part of our Five Outcomes, we recognize an individual that excels at Quality Excellence. These individuals demonstrate an incredible aptitude for "first time quality.” They appreciate and perpetuate the importance of taking pride in the structures that we create in our communities.  

• The 2022 Quality Award winner is Rick Zani, Project Engineer II.


• As part of our Five Outcomes, we recognize an individual that excels at Schedule Excellence. These individuals continuously demonstrate their understanding of how we build. They demonstrate resilience when faced with change. They are focused on the outcome, while remaining flexible throughout the building experience. 

• The 2022 Schedule Award winner is Stephenie Beal, Superintendent II.

Congratulations to our winners for 2022! We are so thankful for your contributions this year.