Mortenson Energizes 800 Megawatt-Hours of Energy Storage Projects in Q4 2021
energy storage energization

Mortenson today announced the energization of three major energy storage projects in Q4 totaling 800 megawatt-hours. These projects all achieved recent completion and have started providing energy storage benefits to the grid. Mortenson is the full engineering, procurement, and construction contractor on all three projects, which were completed in Texas and California for two of the most leading-edge energy developers in the nation: Terra-Gen and an additional confidential developer.

Two of the projects are part of Terra-Gen’s industry-leading Edwards & Sanborn Solar-plus-Storage facility in Kern County, California. On Edwards & Sanborn, Mortenson acted as the project’s turn-key provider including engineering, procuring, and commissioning the facility and ensuring the power and energy performance of the system.

“Mortenson has a long track record of delivering complex power projects, and these energizations can now help our customers provide vital services to their markets,” said Brent Bergland, Mortenson’s market director for energy storage. “The energy storage market is rapidly evolving and transforming how electrical power is generated, distributed, and consumed in the U.S.”

Mortenson worked through global supply chain challenges and the pandemic to successfully bring these projects online. Mortenson’s expertise in all facets of construction, including extremely complex commissioning requirements, was instrumental to each project’s success.

In addition to the October group of energizations, Mortenson has previously completed seven energy storage projects and has another 2,900 MWh currently under construction.

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