Meet the Wallin Scholarship Winners
Mortenson Scholars and Wallin Education Partners Award Scholarships

The Mortenson Scholars program, which launched in early 2023 in partnership with Wallin Education Partners, has awarded four students pursuing a degree in construction project management or architectural drafting and design at Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis up to $30,000 towards their two-year programs. The Mortenson Scholarship, when combined with federal and state aid, is anticipated to cover 100% of tuition and fees for most recipients.

Our four scholars work part-time at Mortenson while pursuing their degrees and will engage in a full-time paid internship at Mortenson between their first and second years of college. Mortenson team members are providing mentorship and support throughout the program, which offers a pathway to becoming a full-time Mortenson team member upon graduation from Dunwoody.

Matt Isaak

Maple Grove High School (Maple Grove, Minnesota)

Wallin Scholar Matt Isaak

Matt Isaak is pursuing a degree in construction management, building upon his prior experience in the construction industry. Isaak aspires to get to the executive level and focus on paying back the guidance and mentoring he has received from seasoned professionals in the field. 

“I knew that I wanted to apply for the scholarship because I know that this is what I want to do with my life,” Isaak said.

Henry Cacique

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School (Minneapolis)

Wallin Scholar Henry Cacique

Henry Cacique has an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoys the process of construction, from design to finishing. Cacique is eagerly anticipating the wealth of knowledge he'll gain during his internship, with a clear vision of applying these newfound skills towards purchasing a house and transforming it into his dream home.

“If it weren’t for this scholarship, I wouldn’t be attending college,” Cacique said.

Da’Kwon Young

Robbinsdale-Armstrong High School (Plymouth, Minnesota)

Wallin Scholar Da'Kwon Young

Da’Kwon Young has curiosity and a natural talent for the drafting and estimating aspects of construction. With a goal of purchasing his own home, Young’s unwavering focus is set on his overall objective of achieving success and conquering the world with his family by his side.

“This scholarship will follow me forever, paying for my education and as something on my resume,” Young said.

Victor Smith 

Edison High School (Minneapolis) 

Wallin Scholars Victor Smith

Victor Smith understands that construction represents the world we live in and its indispensable role in providing everyday necessities. Smith is fascinated with the fact that construction is an ever-present force, with each structure thoughtfully designed to fulfill specific needs. That being said, Smith is committed to learning as much as he can and ensuring his career path is fulfilling and aligned with his passion.

“There's so much that can be done within construction, and that really pulls me in,” Smith said. “It always has.”