MSOE Features Mortenson Team Members in Their MSOE Mindset Video Series

A number of Mortenson’s MSOE Alumni are back on their alma mater’s campus to build the Dwight and Dian Diercks Computational Science Hall. Demonstrating their commitment to the campus and community, MSOE reached out to three project team members, who are also alumni, to participate in their MSOE Mindset video series. The MSOE Mindset is a way of life exhibited by the students, alumni, and faculty that inspires them to make an impact within their community. The framework incorporates the servant-leader mindset, entrepreneurial mindset, and MSOE’s mission, vision, and values to help graduates develop into leaders of character, responsible professionals, passionate learners, and value creators.

Mortenson’s field engineer James Ring, project engineer Thomas Winchell, and superintendent Alice Westphal each participated to share how the MSOE Mindset has shaped their careers.  In addition, they discuss how embracing the MSOE Mindset impacts the campus and community.  

To check out the videos featuring Mortenson team members and to learn more about the MSOE Mindset, click here.