Port of Seattle AUF Project Nears Completion

The Port of Seattle Alternate Utility Facility (AUF) design-build project is nearing final completion.

The project is located on an approximately 1.2-acre site on Port of Seattle property (SeaTac Airport) adjacent to 28th Avenue and near the Port's South Main Substation. The completed project provides alternate electrical energy generating system capable of supplying 30 megawatts (MWe) of power via ten (10) 3 MWe diesel generators. The AUF is capable of soft parallel with the upstream power supplier (PSE) in order to transition to and from the normal power provider, as well as provide power upon unexpected loss of normal utility power. 

The Project consists of the 10 generators, a control building, medium voltage (MV) switchgear building, and MV Automatic Transfer Switching building on a separate secure campus, connected to Seatac Airport's South Main Substation by MV underground ducts.
Currently the airport runs on 18 MWe of power, this AUF has capacity to supply 30 MWe of power in the event of an emergency. According to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council one average megawatt can supply power to 796 homes for one year in the PNW, which means the Port of Seattle AUF has the equivalent of supplying power to almost 23,000 homes.

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