PreFabricated Wall Panels at St. Camillus

The project team out at the St. Camillus CBRF & Jesuit Residence project began installation of prefabricated wall panels. In total, the team prefabricated 250 panels which makes up about 2,700 linear feet or 22,000 square feet of the building’s wall systems. A 10’ x 10’ foot panel takes roughly 8 hours to fabricate in the shop, but combined with installation time on site saves an estimated 25-40% in installation time versus stick framing. Advantages of the prefabricated panels include higher quality, safer conditions for workers in the shop and onsite, as well as a higher-market share and the ability for Walltech to keep more carpenters employed.

Installation of the panels has been seamless due to the exceptional, high-quality concrete work from our Mortenson concrete crews! The Walltech team stated that wall panel install can only be as successful as the preceding tasks allow them to be. The Mortenson crew’s install of the elevated slabs and foundations have allowed the Walltech team to efficiently and effectively install the wall panels.