QTS Assembled a Skilled Project Team to Build its New Data Center in Chicago

Story Excerpt from Construction Today:

When QTS Realty Trust Inc. – one of the fastest-growing data center companies in the world – decided to build a location in downtown Chicago, it needed the right development team. “A strong and reliable team is the foundation of our success,” Program Manager of Property Development for QTS Ryan Duncan declares.

After acquiring the Sun-Times facility in 2014, QTS hired Mortenson Construction as the construction manager, along with lead consulting engineer ESD Inc. and lead architect Corgan Associates. The three previously worked together on multiple data center projects.

Over the years, multiple technology-focused companies looked at turning the former Sun-Times facility into a data center. “However, it took an organization like QTS, with a clear plan and proven track record, to transform the existing building into an industry leading data center,” Stapleton says.