The Surprising Cost of Inaction
By Tammy Carr for In Business Magazine


Are you overlooking the real cost of underperforming real estate and facility assets?

With real estate and facilities as two of the largest expenses (and assets) for the average organization, it may be surprising to learn a sizable portion of that spend is going toward wasted energy and lost productivity...This is not just an issue for Fortune 500 companies; increasingly, “middle market” companies, institutions and agencies are finding that conducting assessments of their holdings yields valuable data and results in actionable plans that have a significant impact on their bottom lines.

In this example, the hidden value of the property where Shop 2 was located presented a windfall opportunity for a newly integrated organization resulting from a merger. With a real estate portfolio assessment, executives can feel confident in their knowledge of which assets are draining the most cost, how space optimization can accommodate future growth, and how to best maximize the value of their property.