Aurora St. Luke's Main Lobby Renovation

As the largest private hospital in Wisconsin, Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center sees thousands of visitors, patients, volunteers, and staff throughout the year. In 2015, the emergency department had more than 65,000 visits and the center had nearly 70,000 inpatient and outpatient surgeries. With the majority of this traffic going through the main lobby, the renovation of this space required expert planning and disruption avoidance. 


Before any construction could begin, the Mortenson project team met with departments and staff to understand what areas would be affected and ensure the 24/7 medical center remained operational throughout the renovation. The team planned where staff would relocate, how patients would enter and exit the facility, and what security measures were needed for the changing spaces. Once the planning phase was complete, the eight-month, 14-phased construction began.


The $4 million, 7,000-square-foot renovation included interior remodels of the information and registration desks, valet, main revolver, cashier and financial counseling, and patient access.  In addition, the renovation increased the number of emergency room exam spaces, nursing stations, waiting area, decontamination, and patient support areas.

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