The Herculean Effort: Critical use of VDC Planning on U.S. Bank Stadium

Over 8,600 people helped design and build U.S. Bank Stadium, delivering it 6 weeks early, under budget and with zero punchlist. This is unheard of on a sports facility. As a result of this feat, the customer was able to occupy the building much earlier than expected. A critical component in achieving these accomplishments – Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Planning.

On March 22, 2017, U.S. Bank Stadium project team members had the privilege to share their story to the local Minnesota community at CAD Technology Center’s (CTC) annual Midwest University conference on the importance of virtual planning and the leveraging of technology in the design and construction process of U.S. Bank Stadium.

Keynote speakers Rick Khan, Mortenson (contractor) and Paul Ferrer, HKS (architect) presented on the cutting edge technology used by the project team to design, plan for construction and ultimately deliver U.S. Bank Stadium, early, under budget and with zero punchlist on opening day.  It takes a village to design and build a project like this. And this is how they did it.