Together Everything is Possible: A Trusted Partnership
Students at Cornell College

Our relationship with Cornell College began with Mortenson being awarded the renovation of four residence halls in two phases that spanned 15 months in 2014. A lot of care and attention went into planning and communication with facilities staff, residence hall directors and students to make sure the comfort and safety of all affected weren’t negatively impacted. 

Cornell had such a positive experience working with us on the residence hall renovations they called on us to help expand their science program, a long awaited goal of the College. The original intent was to renovate and add on to the aging West Science building to better serve the growing Chemistry, Biology, Engineering and Math departments. After detailed analysis of their program needs and options for the renovation, Mortenson recommended that a brand-new science building, followed by the renovation of the adjacent West Science Building, would be a better long-term solution.

This option allowed Cornell to better utilize their funds by putting money into the new structure, versus trying to retrofit the complicated systems required for a modern lab building into a facility that would not easily support them. Cornell followed our recommendation and we’ve since completed the new Russell Science Center and the West Science Building renovation.

Cornell College and Mortenson are now embarking on a new Sports Center to provide improved exercise facilities. The level of trust and respect that has advanced since our first engagement reflects the team’s commitment to always act and deliver on what is best for our customer.