Renovated Tacoma Paper and Stationery Building brings new opportunities

The newest physical addition to UW Tacoma’s campus — The Tacoma Paper and Stationery building — opened Sept. 21.

This much-needed space will house three fledgling programs beginning autumn quarter of 2017. TPS, located between the Dougan and Science buildings on Jefferson Avenue (where the Old Spaghetti Factory was located for decades), will provide several classrooms, various labs, a “tinker” space and a large student commons.

Patrick Clark, director of campus planning and real estate, sees the  “addition of TPS as creating a major step forward for UW Tacoma students in terms of STEM-based space and creating more student focused areas.”

Clark also explained that UWT’s Urban Studies major will benefit from the opening of TPS.

The building will support three new academic programs: Bachelor of Science in biomedical sciences, Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and Master of Arts in community planning. These programs will be serviced by new biomedical and electrical engineering labs on the second and third floors, along with an urban design studio on the first floor.

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