Tacoma Art Museum hosts Virtual Reality for Spaces and Places

By Kelsey Randolph

Immersive Technologies Developer, Marc Kinsman, participated in the Tacoma Art Museum’s annual Summer Art Camp. In an effort to be collaborative with the community and provide student involvement in innovative technologies, Marc partnered with local expert architects to help students learn how architects, artists, and designers think about the spaces and places in which we all live, work, and play.

As part of the architecture and urban planning week leading up to the Spaces and Places event, the students created a mock city and chose where the major components of the city were located including the hospitals, city hall, apartments and more.

Participating in the virtual reality event gave Marc the opportunity to show what floor plans look like in different stages of work starting from drawing concepts progressing to the virtual mock up. Students wore virtual reality goggles and experienced a wastewater treatment plant layout.

“This is a great opportunity to get involved in the community,” said Marc. “Exposing kids to architecture and technology and showing them the positive impact it has in the area is important.”

The Spaces and Places camp was facilitated in partnership with the American Institute of Architects Southwest Washington. Students between 2nd and 8th grade were all in attendance. Marc said participating was a fun and educational opportunity for not just kids, but adults just the same, as the day wrapped up everyone was interested in learning more about design and Virtual Reality