Virtual Reality Game Changer
Real-World Prototyping, Testing and Investment Optimization
Growth Virtual Reality

By now, you’ve seen virtual reality headsets in the consumer electronics market. But have you considered how this will impact the bottom line of middle-market companies beyond the technology space? In 2017, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), technologies are positioned to become game-changers in the world of real estate and facility design, operations, engineering, and construction - and for the companies who leverage these services.

Imagine a doctor and nurse test driving together a new operating room, identifying process efficiencies to be gained from a better layout of their instrument panels, months before any capital expenditure has begun. Shared virtual environments are allowing for this real-world prototyping, testing and investment optimization. By ensuring every inch of a new or renovated space is setup for maximum productivity and/or show-stopping end user experience, mid-market leaders can get more out of the same level of investment in capital assets. The implications are broad for emerging technology ranging from software to industrial wearables.

Watch the webinar : Taylor Cupp, Project Solutions Technologist, discusses emerging visualization technology and the benefits to capital projects.