What Does it Take?
Building GEODIS Park
GEODIS Park showcases what a collective vision can build! 

How do you safely deliver the largest dedicated soccer stadium in the U.S. early and under budget?
How do you drive certainty in a volatile construction market?
How do you elevate the community, people and businesses touched by this project?
How do you create a culture on the job that allows your people to build better and change the industry?

It’s not luck.

It’s about thoughtful planning. 
It’s about working in rhythm with our customer.
It's about using targeted, comparative data to optimize venue outcomes.
It’s about having honest, tough conversations to avoid surprises.
It’s about building strategic partnerships and creating a collective vision. 
It’s about increasing the visibility of diverse businesses and representing a community in its workforce. 
It’s about empowering new ideas and changing the industry. 
It’s about holding yourself to a higher standard.

It’s about executing better.

The most cost-efficient facility in terms of dollars per square foot among modern soccer-specific stadiums  built in 20 months, with 535 zero injury days. By 1,500 people I in over 945,000 hours.
49% of the workforce was women and people of color.
36% of the companies hired were diverse businesses.

Ready early for 30,000 fans.
And a lifetime of memories.