Chicago WIC Week 2021

Project Manager

Years with Mortenson:6
Industry Tenure: 6
Degree: BS,Construction Engineering Management, Oregon State University



Tell us more about your background/experience/education. What decision or path led you to the construction industry/Mortenson?

In high school I was interested in becoming an engineer; I was always good at math and liked the idea of creating things. I started in the ACE Program in high school and learned about construction management and immediately liked how people-based and problem-focused the industry was. One of my ACE mentors was from Mortenson my senior year of high school and we ended up meeting again at my first career fair as a freshman in college. I had been at college for less than a month, Mortenson was the only company that interviewed me, and I started as an intern for Mortenson my first summer in college. It was meant to be!

Tell us about your female role model or mentor that helped you grow your career. How do/did they inspire you?

My female role model is my mom. She started teaching at a school for homeless children in Portland right before I was born. I basically grew up at her school I learned so much from her and the women she works with. The whole teaching staff at the school is committed to making a difference in their students’ lives and the women are so passionate about what they do and always go the extra mile for their students. Being around their team taught me about the importance of having a good team, working towards a common goal, and helping others.   

What advice would you give other women considering a career in construction or the AEC industry?

It is incredibly rewarding to be a part of the building process, so I would encourage all women considering a career in the AEC industry to jump in and provide their unique perspectives and skills. The process of building is very collaborative and the partnerships built along the way are crucial to the project’s success. I would encourage anyone entering the industry to build these partnerships and find friends and allies in the process. It is easy to get bogged down with day-to-day problems, so it is important to build a trusted group of people to be a sounding board and laugh with along the way.