WIC 2022

Assistant Superintendent

Years with Mortenson: 7
Industry Tenure:7
Degree: BS, Civil Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology



Tell us more about your background/experience/education. What decision or path led you to the construction industry/Mortenson?

During my college career, I got an internship with a general contractor on a construction site and was surprised to find out that I loved the fast pace, hands on atmosphere. Being an avid puzzle builder, I enjoyed being under a time crunch to find creative ways to build the puzzle.

Tell us about your female role model or mentor that helped you grow your career. How do/did they inspire you?

I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by many supportive mentors throughout my career, both female and male. I think it is important to the development of woman in construction to recognize that men build up woman as well. I truly hope to be a mentor to other women in the industry throughout the life of my career and continue breaking down barriers that might discourage other women to start a career in this industry.    

What advice would you give other women considering a career in construction or the AEC industry?

Don’t be intimidated by things on the job site that you have never done/seen. Don’t be discouraged if you do things differently than your male counter parts and don’t let negative interactions shape your opinions about the industry and culture. Never stop asking questions and putting yourself in situations to observe and learn things that you don’t understand. Don’t dwell on the fact that you may be the only woman in the room, the bathrooms are usually cleaner because of it.