Passionate about the communities we work in

Mort Mortenson sums it up: “There is no greater gift we can give others than our time and treasure. We do so enthusiastically, with a smile on our face and delight in our eyes.”

You can’t mandate such an eagerness to help others. It comes from the heart and is as ingrained in the company’s culture as is a desire to deliver an exceptional experience to our partners and customers. Whether it involves helping build a home, mentoring a student or business, providing food for the hungry and holiday gifts for those in need, or merely offering a helping hand or some type of expertise, Mortenson team members approach each effort, responsibly and with a strong belief that they are simply doing the right thing.

Building Community Through:


Mortenson builds community through forging partnerships with its clients and other organizations that share our passion for making an impact. 


Our signature partnerships allow us to make a tangible impact today and help prepare the workforce of tomorrow through a strategic focus on education. 


Mortenson is building community through the measurable impact we are making - we lead through giving our time to non-profits where we volunteer and serve on boards. 

Community Impact Program

Our Community Impact Program helps us do just that in our areas of focus: Environmental, Shelter, Wellness, and Education. Our Community Impact Program (CIP) helps us achieve a greater impact than any one of us can do alone. 

  • Each of our offices throughout the country has a dedicated Community Impact Team (CIT) to fulfill our commitment to giving back to the communities in which we live and work.

  • Our innovative Giving + Volunteering software platform, Benevity, provides you with opportunities to give securely and vastly, with more than two million charities to donate to.   

  • Year round, you are provided with opportunities to sign up for local volunteer events (created by your local CITs), donate to causes you are passionate about, and intermittently throughout the year, can take action to complete activities that educate and enable you to be better community members in areas such as Racial Equity, Sustainable Living and Mental Health Awareness + Assistance. 
Salt Lake City Community Impact

Questions about our Community Impact efforts?

We are always looking for new opportunities to make an impact in our community - have an idea for us? Let us know!