Who we are

Our team members and our culture differentiate us from our competitors, and the cornerstone of that culture is LeadBLU. As Mortenson, we put LeadBLU in all we do - it's how we show up for each other and for our business partners and customers. Our values are part of LeadBLU.

What we do

Every day we work to create an exceptional customer experience, and we will continue to measure this through our PES surveys. An exceptional experience begins and ends with flawless project delivery. And it also requires we understand how what we build affects our customer's business, and how we can enable customer success.

Why we're here

As Mortenson, we build for the greater good - this hasn't changed. Mort laid down the purpose for the company decades ago as "Building structures and facilities for the advancement of modern society." Building for the greater good is about how we make a positive social environment impact in the communities we serve.

Building culture through:


Women in Construction

Women are integrated across all facets of our business, from project engineers to superintendents and laborers.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are on a mission to create an inclusive culture that values the diversity of each and every team member.

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The soul of our company is rooted in a longstanding, family values approach to doing the right thing, putting we before me, and inspiring what's possible.

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