Propelling innovation and creativity in our work

Over the past decade, as Salt Lake City has grown, the economy has thrived, and the building industry has boomed. Despite advances in the construction industry everywhere from sustainability to safety, efficiency and speed, one key factor continues to plague projects: the labor shortage. 

Mortenson is tackling this issue head-on, actively working to increase the diversity of the talent pipeline and placing this new generation of construction leaders in both project management and craftworker roles. In fact, 34% of Mortenson’s workforce is female and nearly 10% of their craftworkers are women, too. Nationally, women in construction account for just 1.25% of the total workforce. 

Through the creation of workforce development programs and inclusionary efforts, Mortenson is creating a stronger, more equitable and diverse workforce. Additionally, Mortenson is equipped to self-perform projects of virtually any scale.

What do we mean by Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

Inclusion is including everyone's voice and talents. Diversity describes the differences between people.

Inclusion and Diversity is essential for our growth as a company and individual team member growth. Inclusive teams allow everyone greater opportunity to contribute their ideas, which propels innovation and creativity in our work.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Mortenson's workforce is diverse and sparks innovation at all levels.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Mortenson's people-related systems provide equal opportunities to resources.



Mortenson is a place where people feel their best self is welcomed, respected and valued.

Questions about our DE&I initiatives?

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