Q. Do I have to be prequalified to bid on Mortenson projects?

A. Most of our bid packages are available for all firms to bid without advance prequalification. Where advance prequalification is required for a specific bid package, we will advertise and/or contact potential bidders for prequalification information prior to issuing bid documents. Mortenson's prequalification process is free and is managed through TradeTapp. While prequalification is not a requirement to pursue Mortenson projects, it does need to be done prior to being awarded a contract with Mortenson.


Q. Will I have to provide a Payment and Performance Bond?

A. We often utilize Subcontractor Default Insurance in lieu of traditional trade partner bonding. To qualify, you must be registered with Mortenson through Textura. Payment and performance bonds may still be required in certain instances due to the size of the proposed trade partner or state law, i.e. Washington GC/CM work Learn more about Textura  


Q. What are Mortenson’s Safety Requirements?

A. Trade partners are required to comply with our Zero Injury Program, including its procedures, practices, and policies. Refer to our standard Trade Partner Safety Program Requirements for more information.


Q. Does Mortenson have a Drug & Alcohol Testing Requirement?

A. Yes. Mortenson is a drug and alcohol-free workplace. By assigning employees to work at the Project, trade partner represents that it has conducted substance abuse screening of such employees to screen for the presence of drugs or alcohol.


Q. Where can I find bid documents?

A. Most bid documents are available online via our Mortenson BuildingConnected. If you do not have a BuildingConnected account, you can make one for free here.


Q. How do I get on Mortenson’s database, learn about opportunities and/or about a particular project?

A. The BuildingConnected website is one place to find information on specific bid opportunities with Mortenson. If you are registered in our trade partner database in BuildingConnected, you will also receive a quarterly email newsletter regarding upcoming bid opportunities as well as direct communication from us with specific information for bid opportunities. To be added to our database, please complete this form and we will be in touch soon.


Q. When can I expect to get bid results?

A. Most projects will not have immediate bid results. We need time to properly evaluate each proposal to do a fair and complete analysis. Typically, two weeks following a bid we will have a good idea of who is the apparent low bidder for each trade and will do our best to contact all bidders with feedback.

Questions about working with us?

For more information on how you can get involved in our upcoming projects, please contact us.