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When the Addison, Illinois community dreamed of an improved library, Mortenson was ready to make those desires a reality. The new 54,000 square foot facility features numerous study rooms, a green roof, a parent-teacher resource area, and an early learning literacy area. Its brick, stone, and glass exterior complement neighboring buildings, including the Village Hall and Police Station. The new building utilizes sustainable design features with elements such as a garden roof that reduces the amount of energy required for cooling while also reducing the amount of stormwater runoff, eliminating the need for a retention pond. These added benefits will allow the library the necessary space for future additions.

The library consists of two full floors and a partial third floor. The entry, Circulation Department, Children’s Services, and meeting rooms are located on the first floor, while Adult Services are on the second floor. The third-floor houses Technology Services and Administration.

  • The green roof system reduces heating and cooling costs, provides acoustic insulation, and improves air quality, reducing the heat-island effect.   The roof system modules were pre-planted at a nursery and shipped to the site ready to install.
  • The building’s exterior curtain wall features low-emissivity (Low-E) insulated glass throughout while permitting extensive daylighting.
  • Inside, energy-efficient T5 lighting is used while the building’s insulation values exceed energy code requirements.
  • Interiors also make use of sustainable materials such as bamboo flooring in the Internet café and cork flooring in the quiet reading room and study rooms.
  • Meeting room chairs use material made from recycled seat belts and car batteries.

Facts And Figures

Addison Public Library

Completed June 2008


54,500 square feet

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Mortenson has worked well with our architects and communicated well with our board. Everyone is happy!

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