Cedar Mill Creek & Wetlands Restoration
Cedar Mill Creek & Wetlands Restoration / BeavertonOR
Using virtual reality technology to show improved water quality and wildlife preservation

This project for Clean Water Services in the Tualatin Hills Nature Park in Beaverton replaced 4,500 feet of the sewer with 4,200 feet of new pipe while restoring the wetland and stream habitat. The improvements in storm water management directly benefits the local community by enhancing water quality and preserving local wildlife habitats. A critical element of this project is the location, with nearly all the pipeline installation and wetland restoration work occurring within the park.

Utilizing Virtual Reality to Increase Public Education & Engagement

The Nature Park is considered a crown jewel of the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District system and is frequently visited by the local community for its numerous walking trails and environmental educational programs. Engagement from the project team with both the park staff and the public ensured project success.

Will Adams, a Mortenson VR developer, worked closely with Clean Water Services to develop a VR platform for the project. The platform allows people to see a 360-degree view of the park and wetlands, accessible to anyone with a computer. It enables stakeholders to explore the project’s scope and vision, offering insights into the evolving trails during construction and ultimately demonstrating their transformation. It also shows how the project improves water quality for the region, cultivates a thriving habitat for wildlife, and elevates the overall visitor experience.

Facts And Figures

Clean Water Service

Pipeline installation and wetland restoration

4,200 feet of new pipe installed

Completion date: September 2022

Delivery Methods

General Contractor/Construction Manager

The Team


Murray, Smith and Associates

Biohabitats, Inc.