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What does innovation in off-site manufacturing look like?

Built with the Business Traveler in Mind

Located on Meta’s headquarters in the San Francisco Bay area, this 5-story hotel is designed with the business traveler in mind. citizenM Hotels combine luxury brand standards with the latest technology, to provide a luxury hybrid hotel experience in central city locations, but at an affordable price. It’s a space for guests to not only sleep, but to work, relax and play as well. The hotel will feature an open lobby with a bar and dining area, meeting rooms, and generously appointed outdoor leisure and recreational areas. Each room has everything modern travelers value, including a king bed, and its own tablet to control the lights, TV, window shades, heating and air conditioning; all while allowing guests to track the hotel’s sustainability performance.

Innovation in Off-Site Manufacturing

All 240 guestrooms were manufactured offsite, before being transported to the Bay Area on a ship dedicated soley to this project.  Following arrival, the guestroom modules were assembled on-site to create the finished structure.

The hotel is comprised of over 160 modules that make up the guestrooms. Each module arrives fully finished with MEP connections in a central riser shaft that runs through the building's floors. The typical module weighs around 40,000 lbs (about twice the weight of a school bus) and contains two hotel rooms and a hallway corridor in between.  

In addition, the fully finished modules are designed to be airtight and well-insulated, which helps reduce energy consumption and improve the building's overall thermal performance. Modular construction also lends itself to benefits like weather enclosure during construction.  

This innovation in prefabrication, as compared to traditional building methods, helped the team assemble all modules on-site in just two months, ahead of the scheduled three months.  Modular construction also significantly reduces the pollution associated with construction.

Facts And Figures

89,000 square feet

240 guestrooms

Completion: September 2023

Delivery Methods

This citizenM employs a modular construction approach that reduces local impact and noise on the work site. The modern exterior of metal panel cladding and large windows encloses the build with excellent seismic performance that is designed to achieve LEED Gold certification.

What does it look like to build a shipping container hotel in 3 months?

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