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Can a college renovation increase enrollment?
To accommodate the rising sophistication of students today and into the future, the College of DuPage is in the midst of a large-scale renovation and revitalization of its campus facilities as well as multiple new construction projects. With these improvements underway since 2009, the college has already achieved an impressive 2% increase in enrollment, far exceeding the benchmark of enrollment decline (the next highest enrollment increase was only 0.3%).

Mortenson is a trusted partner of the college and has completed the multi-phased renovation of the 477,000 square foot Berg Instructional Center, renovations to the Student Resource Center, and addition of the 65,000 square foot Student Services Center, which creates a new "front door" for the campus. Most recently, Mortenson completed renovations to the college’s Library and McAninch Arts Center, furthering the college's journey towards creating a teaching and learning environment positioned for the future.

Industry Leading 2% Increase in Student Enrollment

Facts And Figures

College of DuPage

Completed May 2012


478,000 square feet

Delivery Methods

Construction Manager at Risk
We were dealing with the biggest renovation in the state of Illinois for higher-ed. The real key here is that Mortenson found a way to transition all three buildings and really minimize the impact to the college and to the community. That was not a small feat.

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America’s Best Buildings of the Year – Buildings Magazine, 2012

Bronze Citation – American School & University Magazine, 2012