CoorsTek Research and Development Facility Construction / GoldenCO
How do you decide between renovating or building a new manufacturing facility?
Mortenson partnered with CoorsTek to manage, design, and deliver an $81M project providing world-class Research & Development and Advanced Material Processing facilities in Golden, Colorado. CoorsTek is the largest technical ceramics manufacturer in the world with over forty facilities on four continents. Their products range from high purity materials used in semiconductor manufacturing to durable ceramic tiles used to line the inside of pipes in a coal-fired power plant.

The Mortenson-led team provided equipment layouts, floor plans, narratives, schedule, and estimate details for CoorsTek’s proposed move from an existing 100-year-old facility to a recently purchased property on West Table Mountain Drive. The findings of this assessment proved critical in helping CoorsTek making informed decisions on project viability and will ensure the best possible return on investment.  

Careful planning and coordination with the design team and CoorsTek staff ensured optimum phasing and no disruption to existing operations. The facility generates over 1.8M pounds of ceramic powder monthly for CoorsTek’s customers. 

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Completed December 2018


300,000 square feet


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