Nike Lebron James Innovation Center
Nike Lebron James Innovation Center  / BeavertonOR
The intersection of research, technology and sport is unstoppable.

Technology, Sport and Design

Located at Nike’s World Headquarters, the LeBron James Building houses a state-of-the-art Nike Sport Research Lab (NSRL). This one-of-a-kind project was built to serve the present and future needs of Nike and includes office space, a sports research lab, a 200-meter endurance track, a full-size basketball court, a gym, a soccer pitch and a 100-meter incline ramp on the facility’s exterior.

The building houses mixed workspace environments for 650 employees. This office space includes unique research and development, testing and ‘making’ spaces. The fourth floor includes four environmental testing facilities capable of recreating any weather environment. The environmental chambers are climate-controlled rooms with steel-clad walls capable of studying the physiological response to exercise under any environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, radiant heat, and airflow. This project also includes a 600-stall parking garage and an extension of the world headquarters ring road.

Facts And Figures

325,000 square foot office building

650-stall parking garage

84,000 square feet dedicated to research & development 

Delivery Methods

Progressive Design-Build

A Model in Engineering Excellence

From the 500 foot signature incline ramp where the accuracy of slop was consistent to the 50 foot cantilever supporting the NSRL’s mega truss structure and waffle slab base to the water feature made up of nearly 400 black granite pieces quarried in China. Each of these features the building’s engineering craft.

The Team