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PureCycle Technologies / IrontonOH
A ground-breaking process that recycles waste plastic into a sustainable ultra-pure resin

“Worlds-first”, “global impact”, “game changing”, are words that have been used to describe the PureCycle Technology project. Since 2017, Mortenson has supported PureCycle as program manager for a new technology that is centered on scaling and operationalizing a proprietary process that creates “near virgin” quality polypropylene from recycled feedstock.

The first phase of the program involved building a Feed Stock Evaluation Unit that successfully demonstrated the process in 2019 and continues to serve as a test facility for prospective feedstock. The second phase, currently underway, involves scaling the evaluation process over 1000X to commercial scale.

To support advancement of the commercial project, the Mortenson team instituted proven processes to streamline communication amongst the team and established project management controls. The team also completed an independent cost review during the development phase of the project and worked closely with project partners to assist in driving down costs, ultimately shaving over 20% off of the GMP. Mortenson also completed alternative site reviews and guided PureCycle through developing a strategic approach to maximize both state and local incentives to overcome challenges with available utilities, in turn making the preselected site feasible.

Facts And Figures

Project Completion: January 2020

9,500 square feet

Delivery Methods

Program Manager
There is a lot of cultural alignment between PureCycle and Mortenson that rolls into long-term relationships. Mortenson spent time learning what our needs were so that we could drive results.

The Team