David Mortenson speaking at One Discovery Square


I don’t want to compare ourselves to competitors. I want to compare us to what’s possible.

We’re experiencing a transformative opportunity.

Our industry is ready for a better way forward. Transformation is happening all around us. Customers demanding higher quality in shorter timelines. Technology advancing at a rapid pace. Innovation outpacing tradition. And we’re at the forefront, plowing the ground of revolution in how things get built. We are reinventing our design, procurement and installation systems and processes, built on a commitment and belief that we can deliver higher quality, faster, at a lower cost. That’s what’s so exciting about where we are right now – we are redefining possible!

These opportunities ask more from today’s leaders.

It’s never been more important to be a good listener and be extremely curious. We need to listen as we push the tough conversations about racial inequality and seek to help people thrive in a changing world. We need to be curious constant learners in order to adapt to ever-changing circumstances and help bring new, innovative, higher value solutions to our customers. And we need to lead from a position of support, helping others achieve what they never thought possible. If we focus on service – service to our customer’s success, service to our fellow team members and service to our communities – we can build a better world.

We will continue to change the world.

The new generation of leaders brings a desire to have a broader impact than just their job. They literally want to change the world – and they want to know how what they do every day is changing the world. And at Mortenson, they can. Whether it’s craft work in areas like renewable energy, healthcare and higher education, or non-craft positions in one of our offices across the country, every role is valued, and every single person truly makes a difference.