Derek Cunz and Mark Sherry walking construction job site


Leadership requires three key ingredients: agility to keep pace with change; resiliency to help teams overcome obstacles; and perseverance to keep the team focused on delivering amazing results, together.

Driven to stay ahead

We’re experiencing a complete digital revolution in the world of construction. This opportunity enables Mortenson to keep pushing innovation, even in the toughest times. We’re sharing information and managing projects in ways that weren’t previously possible. And we’re using virtual tools and technologies to make smarter decisions sooner. When we can keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, we come out strong in any market – and keep our customers ahead of the curve in any environment.

Building on experience

Mortenson takes every project to the next level. Our sports business is just one example. Our team of dedicated sports experts know what fans want, what drives revenue for the team, and what makes a venue more efficient to operate. There's a reason we built the Raiders stadium faster than anyone has ever built a domed NFL stadium. That’s because we did it for the Vikings and brought that learning to the Raiders project. When customers hire us for any project, in any market, they know their building will be better than the last one we built – because we carry forward all the lessons learned, and we keep raising the bar.

Fueled by new ideas

The diversity of our business and our absolute commitment to trying new things will empower the next generation to fuel innovation long into the future. We thrive on curiosity and learning. We're open to new ideas. And we know that the next great idea will come from someone who doesn't even work with us yet.


When I moved to Minnesota, I saw that we have an MS 150 team. My father had MS and I had recently bought a road bike. I thought that was a really cool opportunity to combine something that I love to do with something that was personal to me.

Now, it’s been eight years in a row that I've ridden the MS 150. We've grown the team from a small handful of people to more than 50 riders. We raise a lot of money while also having a lot of fun together. I love it!


  • Cooking with family
  • Travel
  • Cycling & anything outdoors


30 years

Staying energized by constantly redefining what’s possible in our industry


Stadium Managers Association Foundation
Board of Directors


Greater Twin Cities United Way
Board of Directors

MS Society