Eric Grenz overlooking a construction site.

[VP + GM]

If you’re not uncomfortable in your current position, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough.

Eric Grenz

Poised for disruption

Our investments in industrialization and lean construction practices have allowed us to reduce the cost of solar energy projects.  We are redefining what’s possible in solar by combining top talent, decades of renewable energy expertise, and technology. Through constant and deliberate innovation, we’re reducing the time and cost of construction – helping our customers achieve better returns while helping to grow the renewable footprint in the U.S.

Focused on customer success

It all starts with trust, and the relationships we build early on. When our customers hire us, they’re trusting us with a significant investment. To honor and build that trust, we have to understand what defines success in our customer’s mind and tie our project goals to their business goals. That enables us to drive alignment between all the stakeholders, to ensure successful outcomes for everyone. Above all, we must keep challenging ourselves to see what’s coming and give customers what they need, before they even know that they need it. 

Eric Grenz

Promoting personal growth

I always encourage other team members to get out of their comfort zones by traveling for the company and taking on new challenges. I’ve grown personally and professionally by experiencing different parts of the country and different cultures. Picking up and moving for work can seem like a sacrifice, but team members grow their careers and grow personally as part of unique teams and through new experiences. My whole family has embraced these opportunities, and it’s really helped my kids to “come out of their shells.” I highly recommend starting your own project travel adventure!