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I feel fortunate every day to be able to make a positive impact on our people, planet, and communities – all while doing something I love.

Grounded in a customer-centric mindset

Delivering an exceptional customer experience through unmatched project execution is a vital part of our business development efforts. To accomplish this, we focus on building the right relationships with partners who not only have strong business outlooks, but more importantly, who align with our values. With extensive experience in renewable energy, we bring comprehensive, integrated solutions tailored to meet the demands of even the most challenging energy projects.

Gabe Stofferahn
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People + Process = Performance

Given the dynamics in our industry, it’s imperative that we remain nimble. Here at Mortenson, our teams refuse to accept the status quo and are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve our processes – providing our customers with the best possible experience. While these innovations are changing the way we work, we understand that developing and supporting our current and future leaders is just as vital to our success. By continuing to invest in these areas, we'll increase efficacy, enrich our culture and enhance the way of life for our team members.

Invest in people and they’ll invest in the mission

I’m a firm believer in our We Before Me LeadBLU principle.  One of the most fulfilling aspects of Mortenson is the opportunity to coach and develop others.  We’ve worked hard at building a phenomenal culture of support with a broad-reaching network that puts no limits on what our team members can accomplish.  Empowering our teams continues to be a catalyst for our success – whether that is establishing and maintaining strong partnerships, building a high-quality product, or leaving a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work.

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