Gene Hodge
Vice President, i4 | Minneapolis

In his role as Vice President, Gene is a key member of the i4 Leadership Team, providing oversight and leadership to Mortenson’s projects. In his role, he ensures project goals are aligned and owners expectations are exceeded. His leadership is based on a long and successful track record in the industry that includes several large, world-class projects. Trust, communication, and commitment to meeting customer expectations are his most important attributes. Gene takes pride in being actively involved in projects from start to finish.

Bringing in fresh perspectives

Generally in business, we tend to rely on the opinions and perspectives of the most experienced people in the room, but I’m a firm believer that leaders in today’s rapidly changing world must make an effort to welcome the voices of the youngest, newest people in the room as well. The next generation of team members brings fresh perspective, and in my experience, new ideas are often the most impactful. By creating a culture that values the best idea no matter where it comes from, we empower our team members to think bigger, collaborate more freely and ultimately find greater success.

Gene Hodge
Gene Hodge

Streamlining for the future

We’re working hard at Mortenson to reduce waste in our projects, both in terms of improving sustainability and maximizing efficiency. We’re using vertically integrated processes and bringing tasks in-house in an effort to streamline projects for everyone’s benefit. Not only can we improve bottom lines, we can scale these efficient processes to construct projects that are well equipped for the future, integrating new technologies and creating more resilient spaces.

Rising together

The best relationships, both with customers and with team members, are symbiotic. At Mortenson, our method of collaboration means that what’s good for one is good for all, and that extends to our commitment to the community. We’re proud to have been part of some of the most important projects in Denver area in recent years and know that the region’s success is our success.

Gene, his wife Janice and daughter Emily spend most of their free time (in the winter at least) skiing and enjoying clean Colorado air.

Gene Hodge

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