Edward Sanborn solar plus energy storage


Helping customers protect their investments is our primary goal.

Partnering early for project success

Given the climate of the industry, identifying key factors in the project up front can heavily determine the success both Mortenson and our customer have through the execution phase. Helping customers with PPAs, revenue strategies, early procurement and risks are part of our formula for success. This helps ensure the execution of the project goes along as planned and unwanted surprises can be avoided.

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The evolution of preconstruction

Preconstruction now more than ever bleeds deeper and deeper into construction and commissioning. With procurement and commissioning strategies, preconstruction planning allows for best-in-class speed to market, allowing customers to be successful, faster.

Addressing critical factors head on

Helping customers protect their investments is our primary goal.  Each project is looked at in its entirety with due diligence starting immediately at the site selection process.  The ability to look at each project, each site, and each layer of risk strategically for our customer helps ensure that risks are identified early, and collaborative mitigation strategies can be developed for both Mortenson and our customers.

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